Case Studies

The projects we execute stand testament to the high standards we are driven to achieve.

Case Studies


“I highly recommend Panta because of the professional service we’ve received over several projects. For the MDIA Offices specifically, Panta was responsible for the M&E and HVAC contracts. On site, Panta’s employees displayed experience, dedication and commitment to quality that is evident in their high level of workmanship. Panta also held several off-site responsibilities, including the submission of detailed workshop drawings. Their team did an excellent job of meeting tight deadlines while adapting to the challenges brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic.”


Josef Zammit, Freelance Designer and Project Manager

Panta was one of the contractors forming the consortium that worked on the Sir Anthony Mamo Oncology Centre. They designed and installed most of our mechanical and electrical engineering systems, including ventilation, air conditioning, plumbing, electrical power and water distribution, lifts, the building management system and more. Overall, we’re very pleased with Panta’s work. Every project has its challenges – especially one of this size. But, Panta did a good job of handling issues, and they also coordinated with our other suppliers very well.

Mr Noel Psaila, Engineering Director, Mater Dei Hospital

At Farsons, our experience with Panta was very positive. Panta has a team of highly professional people – both in supervisory and management roles – and their craftsmen are very well-trained. Panta has worked overseas, with lots of different nationalities, so they’re very experienced and adaptable. For us, that was super because our packaging plant was supplied by a leading German manufacturer so there needed to be close cooperation between our German supplier and Panta. Their collaboration was seamless and very well coordinated. We look forward to working with Panta again in the future.

Mr Lawrence Darmanin, Projects Engineer, Farsons Group

Panta worked on our offices at Casumo in Malta. I would highly recommend them to potential clients. They outdid themselves when it came to solving problems. No project is going to be without its challenges, but don’t just tell me about the problem; give me a solution. That is precisely what Panta did well. The team was always ready to solve any issues that cropped up. The people at Panta form a very solution-oriented team with immense experience in the field and up-to-date technical knowledge.

Matthew Borg Manche, CFO, Casumo

Panta was vital to the first part of the development of Playmobil’s new factory extension, for which the Panta team designed and installed our mechanical and electrical systems. Panta provides an exceptional level of service from project concept development right through to completion. Best of all, we found Panta’s personnel to be immensely professional, easy to work with, responsive and collaborative.

Mr Adrian Vigar, Plant facilities manager, Playmobil