Central Bank of Malta

Case Study

Central Bank of Malta, Valletta

When Panta was engaged to work on the Central Bank of Malta, we were instructed to improve the building’s efficiency and operations. Panta set about installing and re-fitting its mechanical and electrical engineering solutions.

About the project

For Panta, the Central Bank of Malta’s building was a medium-scale project.

At the Central Bank of Malta, Panta was contracted to work on the mechanical and electrical installations across four storeys of offices, a data centre and meeting rooms. The project consisted of the complete replacement of all electrical installations in the Bank’s Annex 1 building as well as its integration with the new Annex 2 extension.

A critical factor in the project was that the bank’s operations could not be halted or interrupted at any given point. Within these constraints, Panta installed, tested and commissioned all HVAC, plumbing, electrical, vertical transportation, and ELV installations. The team also replaced the electrical systems at the bank, including emergency supplies and standby generating sets.

The entire project required excellent planning and supervision, as well as productive cooperation with the client to implement recommendations provided by the Panta team.

Installation Info

  • HVAC system
  • Plumbing and drainage pipework
  • Electrical infrastructure
  • ELV system
  • Vertical Transportation system
  • Replacing electrical systems, including emergency supplies and standby generating sets


In 2013, the Central Bank of Malta embarked on the development of a new building called Laparelli. The aim was to enlarge the Bank’s office space, create a number of conference rooms, establish a new library and archive facilities, and set up a new data room. Panta was awarded the tender for the installation of the building’s electrical and mechanical engineering services, which included air conditioning systems, electrical switchgear, fire prevention and extra low voltage services, water pumps, lightning protection, building management systems (BMS) and lifts. The Panta team successfully completed works to the Bank's satisfaction, and Panta personnel remain responsible for the preventive and corrective maintenance of these installations.
Mr Sandro Spiteri, Central Bank of Malta