Crane Currency

Case Study

Crane Currency

In 2017, Panta successfully formed and lead a joint venture to carry out the mechanical, electrical, HVAC and ELV installations of the new manufacturing facility of Crane currency in Hal Far.

The state-of-the-art bank note printing facility, covering an area of 14,000m2, was designed for optimum workflow whilst maximising performance, quality, safety and security.

About the project

Panta’s scope of works included the supply, installation and commissioning of the following systems and services:

  • Ventilation system comprising of 13 in no. Air handling units, 8 in no. primary air units, 25 in no. supply and exhaust fans and over 17,000m2 of phenolic pre-insulated ductwork.
  • Process cooling and plumbing installation comprising of 6,000m PPR pipework and 29 in no. pump sets, as well as a reverse osmosis water treatment system.
  • Specialised Humidification system
  • Building management system, including 7 in no. motor control centers, over 150 in no. field devices and outgoing armoured power and control cables from the MCCs to various fixed equipment located around the factory.
  • Compressed air installation comprising of 3 in no. 16,000 l/min compressors and related equipment, as well as 2000m of aluminium pipework.

As lead contractor, Panta played a crucial role in project managing and coordinating the MEP contractors forming part of the joint venture, ensuring that the project was completed on time and in line with the client’s requirements and specifications.