Panta launches new air purifiers with advanced technology

Dust Free Active Sanitizing Systems

Breathe the difference with Dust Free Active Sanitizing Systems and components, a range of products for residential and commercial use utilising a unique technology to target air quality problems at the source, using environmentally-friendly processes to safely clean the air in your home and work environment.

How do these purifiers work? The active air purifiers utilise an advanced technology known as PCO (Photocatalytic oxidation), which through the combination of high-intensity UV lamps and honeycomb catalyst alloys, generate oxidation ions and hydrogen peroxides which safely and effectively neutralise and kill germs, viruses (including COVID-19), and bacteria in the air and on surfaces of the treated environment. 

Since the air purifiers are “Active”, they provide continuous sanitization of both the air, ductwork, and surfaces of the treated area. They also effectively and safely eliminate germs, mold, bacteria, and viruses without the use of harmful chemicals, thus improving the general indoor air quality and reducing the spread of illness, diseases, and effects of allergies.

Other benefits of the Dust Free technology include the effective elimination of odours, reduction of harmful microparticles present in the air, including ultra-fine matter which are generally not treated by normal filters and are more cost-effective when compared to conventional disinfection methods.

Furthermore, the air purifiers reduce the downtime of ventilation systems, since they minimize the need to manually clean and sanitize ducts.

These devices can easily be installed on any existing ventilation system, Fan coil unit, and/or Air-conditioning Unit, without the need for major modifications.

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