Hilti Malta Launches Engineering Solutions

Hilti in Malta is a market leader when it comes to conventional power tools and systems. For more than three decades, Panta Marketing and Services has gone from strength to strength in bringing the quality and reliability that Hilti is globally known for to Malta.

Hilti in Malta has recently extended its focus towards engineering services, and with a dedicated field engineer, its objective is to provide expertise and reliability in firestop and insulation applications, anchoring, and installation solutions, as well as engineering services including design, specifications, and consultation.

Through this approach, the company is able to save on costs and ensure a low environmental impact, safer installations, and smarter building solutions, including internal and external installations, along with façade systems.

The dedicated field engineer can assist with specifying the right product for applications based on international know-how and Hilti’s vast experience in anchoring solutions, post-installed rebar application, firestop systems, and various electro-mechanical installations.

Panta COO Nicolai Portelli said that “No matter the size or complexity of the project, this development allows Panta to tap into solutions which allow our clients the opportunity to save on time and improve productivity”.