Fire Safety 101: Hilti Delivers Fire-Stopping Course to Industry

Fire safety is a critical aspect of any building’s construction and maintenance. Learning the ins and outs of fire stopping can help to contain the spread of a fire, which will, in turn, protect lives and prevent property damage. This is why we recently held a two-day Fire Stop Installer Course for industry professionals, in collaboration with our partner Hilti.

Over the span of two days, course attendees were given the opportunity to understand different fire-stopping products, gain knowledge on how to choose the right products for a given job, and install them according to established industry standards.

The course covered a full overview of fire-stopping systems and installations on the first day, and demonstrations and practical examples on the second day. Participants were given the chance to learn about the different fire-stopping products that Hilti offers, and also received an official certification, allowing them to carry out installations where a recognised qualification is required.

The course was delivered by Jean Pierre Honein, Hilti Regional Manager and one of Malta’s foremost experts on the subject.

At Panta, we are continuously focusing on strengthening our offering to the local market. Through our key partnerships, we aim to upskill the local workforce to ensure that we’re well-equipped to develop an improved and more sustainable building industry for generations to come. We are committed to ensuring that our partners have access to the latest information, training, and certifications necessary to provide the highest quality services to their customers.

To learn more about our fire-stopping products and services, contact the Hilti team at hilti@panta.mt.