Playmobil Extension Phase 2

Case Study

Playmobil Extension Phase 2

Following the successful completion of the Playmobil phase 1 extension in 2018, Panta was again contracted to carry out the mechanical and Electrical building services, as well as the HVAC systems of the second phase of the factory’s expansion project.

About the project

The project, which was identical to the phase 1 extension, included 4,120m2 of injection moulding facilities, 3,300m2 of printing, assembling and packaging facilities and an overlying warehouse measuring 7,420m2.

Exclusive and cosmopolitan, the striking feature of the Casumo Offices is their modern style – complete with exposed piping and other industrial elements. This posed a unique-yet-welcome challenge for Panta. Every air-conditioning and ventilation installation needed to be finished to an extremely high grade as it would be entirely exposed or only partially covered.

Panta started on floors 5 and 6. Without a ceiling, level 5 connects to level 6 through a central stairway, so level 6 overlooks the floor below. These are lounge and lunchtime areas, with some flexi-working desks, a snooker table and other games, sofas, an industrial kitchen and snack bars.

Once work on this upper circulation area was completed, Panta was also entrusted with the offices on the lower levels of the building. The offices are open plan, with some meeting rooms and exposed installations, and cater for around 300 people. Panta fitted air-conditioning and ventilation systems into the space, as well as in an auditorium for 150 people.

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