Playmobil Extension Phase 2

Case Study

Playmobil Extension Phase 2

Following the successful completion of the Playmobil phase 1 extension in 2018, Panta was again contracted to carry out the mechanical and Electrical building services, as well as the HVAC systems of the second phase of the factory’s expansion project.

About the project

The project, which was identical to the phase 1 extension, included 4,120m2 of injection moulding facilities, 3,300m2 of printing, assembling and packaging facilities and an overlying warehouse measuring 7,420m2.

Panta’s scope of works included the supply, installation and commissioning of the following systems and services:

· Medium voltage distribution sub-station comprising of MV Switchboards and 3No. distribution transformers, rated 1600kVA, 11kV/400V.

· Main low voltage power distribution comprising of:

o 1 No. Main LV Switchboard supplied from 3No. 1600kVA transformers

o 3No. 2500A LV switchboards.

o 6No. LV Sub-switchboards rated between 400A and 630A.

o Approximately 1000m of feeder busbar systems rated between 160A and 2500A

o 27No. LV distribution boards supplying various lighting and small power circuits.

· Approximately 870 m 25A lighting busbar trunking systems distributed in various areas of the factory.

· Lighting and small power installations

· VRF air-conditioning systems

· Ventilation systems comprising of 10 no. air handling units and over 15,000m2 of pre-insulated ductwork.

Panta though its team of experienced engineers and highly skilled workforce completed the project in 2020, both meeting and exceeding the client’s requirements and expectations.

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