Farsons Packaging hall

Case Study

Farsons Packaging Hall and Overlying Warehouses, Mrieħel

As part of Farson’s multi-million-euro investment programme, Panta was contracted to take on mechanical and electrical works in their state-of-the-art packaging hall and overlying warehouses.

About the project

The Farsons project was one of Panta’s most large-scale projects in 2016.

The project presented Panta with the perfect opportunity for comprehensive innovation and creative solutions. The scope of works included the installation of mechanical and electrical components, including ELV and HVAC services, in Farsons’ new packaging area and its overlying warehouses.

The Farsons warehouses and packaging plant hold highly flammable raw and packaging materials. Therefore, Panta installed a high-tech sprinkler system that connects to a fire pump to protect the warehouse from potential fires.

Installation Info

  • Electrical infrastructure, including the supply and installation of main switchgear, armoured cables, containment and sub-distribution panels
  • Lighting and small power installations
  • Plumbing and drainage pipework 
  • Voice and data installations
  • Fire detection and alarm systems
  • Firefighting sprinkler system, consisting of a fire pump set and galvanised steel pipework
  • Fire hydrant and hose reel installation
  • Ventilation system, including air handling unit, heat recovery unit and extraction fans
  • Building management system


At Farsons, our experience with Panta was very positive. Panta has a team of highly professional people – both in supervisory and management roles – and their craftsmen are very well-trained. Panta has worked overseas, with lots of different nationalities, so they’re very experienced and adaptable. For us, that was super because our packaging plant was supplied by a leading German manufacturer so there needed to be close cooperation between our German supplier and Panta. Their collaboration was seamless and very well coordinated. We look forward to working with Panta again in the future.
Mr Lawrence Darmanin, Projects Engineer, Farsons Group

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