Project Managers


Job Summary

· The Project manager serves as the reference point to the site project team. The Project manager is responsible for the planning and management of labour and material on assigned sites, technical coordination of works, liaising with sub-contractors and client representatives.


Key Responsibilities

· To serve as a technical guide and point of reference to the Site supervisors, Team leaders and/or Tradesmen who are present on site/s.

· To execute a project according to approved drawings and schematics of the assigned project.

· Is responsible that each member of the team assigned has the necessary tools and material to carry out tasks on budgeted time and quality.

· To ensure that Site supervisors maintain discipline on site, both on production levels and Health & Safety.

· Planning of works in-line with the budgeted labour hours.

· To liaise with the project team, plan delivery of material, tools and plant in accordance with required schedule.

· To be able to assess the capacity of trades people and identify any training requirements.

· To maintain a schedule of attendance and leave requests on assigned site/s.

· To act as a means of communication between the office and assigned site/s and make sure that all the team is informed of any changes or technical issues through the right channels.

· To follow weekly labour distribution meetings and coordinate the necessary arrangements to transfer labour and/or tools between different sites as per plan.

· To attend progress meetings internally and with clients as required.

· To manage and motivate the project team.

· To collaborate with the estimating Engineers on new requests and/or variation requests received on assigned projects.

· Any other duties which fall within the employee’s role, and which may be reasonably requested by the management.


Working conditions

· The Project coordinator will be initially working together with other Project coordinators on multiple sites and then eventually will be working on assigned sites in accordance with the employment conditions.



· The Project coordinator will report directly to the Project Manager or Engineer under whose responsibility the project falls. In their absence, the Project coordinator will report to the Chief Projects Officer.

· The Site supervisors, Team leaders and Tradesmen on-site will report to the Project coordinator.