Climer – Domestic Hot Water


Climer – Domestic Hot Water

ECOHEAT is a renewable and efficient solution for domestic hot water production.

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Product Description

ECOHEAT is a renewable and efficient solution for domestic hot water production.  The models within the Climer Technology portfolio are optimised to heat water up to 55 degrees only with heat pump operation, which translates to higher useful volume of accumulated hot water.

The system incorporates an advanced controller with multiple functions allowing adaptation to any user consumption habit to maximise their savings.

The advanced controller has three operating modes:

  1. Automatic – DHW production is handled by the HP module and the electric back-up
  2. Eco – <<reduced>> programme enabled, DHW production is handled only by the HP module
  3. Boost – A single boost operates the heat pump and the heating element to heat up the water in the shortest time to the setting temperature

Technical Data and Key Features

  • Cylinder capacity (L) - 100 to 500L
  • Maximum operating pressure - 6 bar
  • Energy efficiency class - A
  • Minimum ambient temperature - -5 degrees Celsius
  • Maximum water temp. HP - 55 degrees Celsius
  • Maximum temp. electrical heater - 70 degrees Celsius
  • Refrigerant - R134a
  • Wall mounted and floor mounted options



  • Reduces energy use by up to 60%
  • Smart controller design with 3 operating modes. Touch panel.
  • Possibility of dehumidifying and refreshing ambient air
  • Aluminium condenser fitted around the tank
  • Connection with PV installations
  • High quality cylinder made of SS Duplex
  • Compliant with Eco-design and Eco-labelling
  • Automatic anti-legionella function