Air Purifier – AE23R4AF


Air Purifier – AE23R4AF

170.00 inc. VAT

Product Description

The Hisense Air Purifier is designed to cater for rooms up to 50 sqm, providing clean air for all the family.  The purifier has a four step filter ranging from a high density filter for hair, fibres, and large pollutants, to an anion generator to decompose of harmful gases, bacteria, and viruses.

Indicator Explain Application Note
CADR (m3/h) Clean Air Delivery Rate. The higher, the better efficiency. CADR 400m3/h, applicable area is from 28m2 to 48m2 0.07*CADR<m2<0.12*CADR
CCM (mg) Cumulative Clean Mass. Particulate matter:

P4≥12000>P3≥8000>P2≥5000>P1≥3000 (mg)

This Purifier is P4

Formaldehyde matter:

F4≥1500>F3≥1000>F2≥600>F1≥300 (mg)

This Purifier is F4

CCE (m3/kwh) Cleaning Energy Efficiency

CADR / Power Input

High:≥5.0     Entry:≥2.0

This Purifier is 8

Noise (dB) Noise Power Level This Purifier CADR is 400 and the Noise Power Level is 62dB

Low Noise!

Four Steps Filter:

  1.  High density filter for hair and, fibres, dust, and large pollutants
  2.  HEPA + Formaldehyde filter for PM2.5, smoke, mites, pollen, dust, and formaldhyde
  3.  Inner anion generator to decompose harmful gases, bacteria and formaldehyde
  4.  Anion eliminator to remove bacteria


Considering the health needs of the whole family:

  •  PM2.5
  •  Allergies
  •  Pets
  •  Children and vulnerable individuals
  •  New homes
  •  Dust
  •  Smoke