Photovoltaic Panels

We can’t stress enough how good of an investment home and commercial solar systems are in Malta. The island has an extremely high sunshine yield, and the right solar system can drastically reduce your electricity bills.

The Panta team has repeatedly proven that clients are highly likely to start seeing a return on their investment within five years. Because of smart investments in solar systems, thousands of people in Malta are now benefitting from no electricity bills. 

The products and technologies that are now on the market are miles ahead of where they were a couple of years ago. At Panta, we use top-of-the-market solar panels that are extremely efficient and require minimal roof space.

We opt for Huasun solar panels and Sungrow inverters. Both companies are renowned worldwide as the leading manufacturers of products for electricity generation from solar energy. We have found that the combination of Huasun and Sungrow products provides one of the most power-efficient systems available.

Our team of technicians are dedicated to their craft. From tailoring the design of your system to installation, maintenance and after-sales service, Panta will support you throughout the lifespan of your solar solution.

Under certain conditions, you may also be eligible for a government subsidy when purchasing a solar electricity generation system. Our sales team will be able to provide you with the latest information.

Contact us today to start planning your solar electricity generation solution of tomorrow.