Lifts & Escalators

Having pioneered the lifts sector in Malta back in 1989, Panta continues to be the leading contractor for lift installations on the island. Our team of experts supply and install lifts and escalators across the country.

We are the exclusive distributor of Schindler Lifts and escalators in Malta. Through our joint venture with Schindler Malta, we offer competitive pricing, top-quality products, reliable project management, high installation standards and market-leading after-sales support and routine maintenance.

We guarantee that supply, installation, maintenance and agreements conform to Schindler’s rigorous international standards.

Standard and custom lifts

We can both standardise and customise Schindler lifts to integrate seamlessly into your property’s architecture, layout and software system. Schindler’s flexible range of products makes it easy to cater to all sizes of buildings and shafts. We also design solutions for car lifts, cargo lifts and other industrial needs.

Comfortable escalators

Panta designs mobility solutions that provide safety and reliability. Whether it’s for a shopping centre, office building, airport or any commercial building, we guarantee the robustness and attractive design of Schindler products. All Schindler escalators meet or exceed governing safety codes and standards.

Moving walkways

Schindler’s moving walkways are found in the world’s busiest airports and shopping complexes. Our team integrates Schindler walkways into designs that meet your needs to provide a safe and rapid alternative to long walks across a property.

Transport management

Schindler pioneered the technology used in destination-dispatch systems. Its PORT technology optimises traffic flow throughout a building while guaranteeing bespoke service and access control.

Whether you’re after lifts or escalators for a residential, commercial or industrial building, get in touch with us today to kickstart your perfect mobility solution.