PV Panels and Government Grants in Malta

LG Solar panel system

Panta has been at the forefront of PV technology from the initial PV concessions back in 2010. The Malta Government has (once again) opened up a grant for up to €3000 which is 50% of the value of the panels, inverter and PV system frame, we’ll help you understand how the local government grant works.

To date Panta has installed several kilowatts of residential and commercial PV systems whilst keeping up to date with the latest technology, having seen the market develop from Polycrystalline technology to Monocrystalline as the PV panel of choice today.

Following market research, the PV panel of choice today is that manufactured by LG, offering a 25year product warranty, combined with high efficiency inverters by ABB and anodised aluminum structures.

A PV system installed by Panta is usually connected to the ‘grid’ the day it is installed, and will then be metered once our certified engineer approves the project and it is submitted to Enemalta to provide your PV meter.

Our installation team is locally PV certified and applying for the grant is simple. We will walk you through the whole process from selection and design of the photovoltaic system to relative applications and installation.

Grants are limited and awarded on a first come first served basis, contact us for a free consultation today to take advantage of this limited offer.

FAQ’s about photovoltaic panels:

What is a feed-in tariff?

A feed in tariff is an agreed payment amount with Enemalta that will be paid, for every unit of electricity generated by the PV system. The feed-in tariff will also have a pre-agreed time for which it will be operative.

How will I find out if my grant has been approved?

You will know that a grant has been issued once you receive the respective letter of confirmation from the Regulator for Energy & Water Services (REWS).

How will I receive the money from the Government Grant?

This is a process by REWS. When the grant money will be received is dependent on the processing of the Part B PV application by REWS.

Can I install any amount of panels on my roof? 

The number of panels that may be installed on a roof will naturally depend on the size of roof , however, more importantly will be if you have a three phase or single phase electricity supply at your residence. It is always advisable to keep this in mind and ask the advice of your PV retailer.

How will I know what the production of my PV system is and if it is generating?  

Panta installs all PV system with an inverter that allows access via your mobile, tablet or computer to see the daily production of your PV system. It is also advisable that from time to time one check’s the PV generation from the dedicated PV meter supplied by ARMS. NB Always check the dedicated PV circuit breaker after thunderstorms or power cuts to ensure this is on.