Panta Launches State-of-the-Art Building Management System

Panta, a renowned leader in building services engineering, is excited to announce the launch of its innovative building management system at Trident Park, Mriehel. This cutting-edge installation marks a significant leap in energy efficiency and tenant comfort, setting new standards in building management.

Trident Park is equipped with a state-of-the-art centralized cooling/heating system which efficiently harvests and reuses energy from all areas and offices. Panta’s engineering team were presented with the challenge to apportion each tenant for their individual space and the common areas in a fair manner, while still making use of this highly efficient centralized system.

Rising to this challenge, Panta’s experienced team of installers and building management engineers implemented a tailor-made and sophisticated building analysis software, which meticulously records thousands of environmental inputs per hour. The data received through these inputs enables lower energy bills which are recorded, analysed, and apportioned according to actual thermal consumption per tenant.

Moreover, this system plays a crucial role in optimizing building performance and meeting stringent environmental standards. The data collected is compiled into comprehensive reports, offering valuable insights for company ESG performance evaluations and annual reports. This functionality is also extended to individual tenants, providing them with dashboard reporting.

Addressing the versatility of the system in an environment where there exists a diverse tenant mix such as offices, restaurants, retail spaces, gym and parking facilities, Panta’s CEO Katrina Attard added that Panta has successfully managed to ‘utilize data from a combination of environmental sensors and historical records. The system’s algorithm intelligently manages the buildings environment for heating and cooling ensuring a perfect harmony between efficiency and comfort.’

Panta remains committed to delivering exceptional quality and reliability in all its projects and moves on to thank the experienced team at Trident Park for facilitating Panta’s technology to be implemented playing a key role in realizing this state of the art technology.