Delimara Power Station

Case Study

Delimara Power Station

Panta Lesco grew with the Maltese economy – particularly as Malta experienced increased energy consumption due to the industrialisation and development of the hospitality industry in Malta.

About the project

Panta Lesco’s first infrastructural project was for Malta’s national utility supplier, the Enemalta Corporation.

Panta Lesco, partnered with Mitsui of Japan, installed two new 130 tonnes/hour steam boilers together with some 1700 tonnes of steel.

Due to this specialised experience, more infrastructural work lined up and culminated with the electrical works project of the new 110 MW combined-cycle power generating plant in Delimara. Panta Lesco installed and tested 42 km of low voltage cables, 3 km of high voltage cables and 150 km of control cables. In addition to this, Panta Lesco laid the cableways, installed and commissioned all the High Voltage and Low Voltage systems necessary for the successful hand-over of the Delimara power station.

Installation Info

Electrical installation

  • High Voltage Switch gear
  • High Voltage Transformers
  • Reactor Transformers
  • Low Voltage Main Switchgear
  • Power Distribution Network
  • Cable Containment
  • Power busbars
  • General Lighting and Power
  • Station Auxiliary Services
  • Station batteries
  • Control and instrumentation
  • Earthing & Bonding

Mechanical installation

  • Steam boilers
  • Auxiliary plants

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